5 ways high-cost dental temp agencies are holding back your practice

Bad experience with dental temp agencies? You are not alone, Cloud Dentistry is here to help.
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From vacations and sicknesses to pregnancies and education, there are all kinds of reasons your dental staff will need to take time off from work. You can’t just close your practice and stop everything until they return. So you need to find part-time staff to bridge the gap. When this happens, most business owners turn to a dental temp agency to help them fill the temporary vacancy. But an interim dental staffing agency isn’t always the best choice for a dental practice owner.

If you’re currently using a placement agency to pick up the slack, this simple decision could be holding back your dental practice without you even knowing it. Read the following five points and see if they sound familiar. If so, it’s time to move away from temporary agencies and look for a more modern and effective staffing solution, such as an online matching service.

1. They increase your costs

A traditional dental temp agency increases your business costs unnecessarily. The company essentially acts as a middleman between you and the member of staff you employ — and they a fairly decent percentage of the staff member’s wage as a thank you.

Temp agencies take up to 50% of the employer’s hourly rate. So although you might think you’re paying your temporary dental assistant $20 per hour, you could be paying them as little as $10. That extra $10 is surely better spent on hiring a qualified professional than a middleman.

A money-saving alternative is to work with an online professional matching service. Cloud Dentistry only charges a minimal fee for using the platform and if you discover a professional you want to permanently hire, whether it’s a dental assistant, dental auxiliary or dental hygienist, there’s no permanent placement fee. 

2. They waste your time

When you’re in need of a temporary dental assistant or dental hygienist, you’ve got to spend time finding someone who meets your standards and will fit in with your practice. Whether you take on this role yourself or delegate it to someone else, this task is taking time away from someone who could be doing something much better to boost your business and increase earnings.

You could be spending more time marketing your business to gain new patients, a dentist could be earning more money treating patients, a receptionist could be solving problems to increase patient loyalty, etc. All these tasks result in a much better return on investment than searching for staff.

Although it’s a cliché, time really is money. And the time you spend scrolling through difficult-to-use temp agency websites, scouring through countless profiles for suitable candidates and waiting days for a response could be much better spent earning money and growing your business.

Instead of acting as a middleman and turning what should be quick and simple communication into long, drawn-out messages, Cloud Dentistry lets you connect directly with dental staff in real time. This means you’ll receive quick responses from the person you want to talk to — not a third party whose primary interests lie within their temp agency. 

3. You don’t always get what you want

When you work with a regular temp agency, you don’t get to discuss anything directly with potential staff members. All communication is done through the agency and all you get to do is view different profiles before making your choice. So while someone might have “dental therapist experience” listed on their profile, you don’t get to ask them any questions about it — such as how many years of experience they have or what their responsibilities were — until they turn up at your dental practice. And by then it’s too late.

What’s more, the best dental professionals are always in high demand. By using a third party to fill your workplace vacancies, there’s no scope to show off your beautiful practice and friendly staff to entice the qualified specialists you want to hire. With Cloud Dentistry, you can chat directly to the professionals you’re interested in hiring and let them know what you have to offer to motivate them. 

4. They limit employee satisfaction

Dental staff don’t have much choice when working with dental temp agencies. Each individual is essentially a name on a list with no way of standing out and proving to practices that they’re the perfect fit for the position. This means they’re often forced to take whatever work comes their way to pay their bills — whether they’re interested in the role or not. Being made to work this way does nothing for employee satisfaction, often resulting in poor work which hurts your business. 

Instead of working as a placement service, Cloud Dentistry turns this old system on its head and acts as a professional matching service. Dental practices can contact the people they want to employ and discuss working conditions with them directly. This makes it much easier for owners to find the right employee for their business and workers to find the right environment to suit them. 

5. Your business won’t grow

Going over budget, spending too much time on the wrong tasks, not working with the right professionals and struggling to motivate your staff to do their best work all result in lack of growth for your business. Traditional temp agencies simply don’t deliver like online modern matching services for dental professionals. You’ll continuously be going through the motions of searching for staff, hiring them, realizing they’re not a good fit and repeating the process every time one of your permanent members of staff goes on leave.

Your time, money and mental health would be much better spent finding qualified experts who fit in with your dental practice and are within your pay bracket just once and using them again and again when needed. And if you find a match so perfect you want to hire them permanently, remember that Cloud Dentistry offers unlimited permanent hires with zero permanent placement fees.

Written By Belle DuCharme