This is why freedom is the new wealth (and how you can be free too)

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It’s no secret that people are much happier and more comfortable at work when they have a sense of professional freedom. And an employee who is happy about coming into the workplace will be more motivated to work hard and do a good job.

An excellent example of a company which fully understands this concept is Google. The tech giant is one of the most successful and innovative brands in the world, well-known for their unconventional working environments and a frenzy of employee benefits which encourage staff to get creative and develop their professional skills. 

If you want your dental business to follow in the footsteps of Google, it’s wise to take onboard their ideas and provide your staff, whether permanent or temporary, with genuine professional freedom. Equally, as a dental professional, if you want the job satisfaction and freedom Google employees enjoy, it’s important you set yourself up for a career path which will reward you with control and freedom over your professional life. 

What is professional freedom?

1. How to work

The freedom to choose how you do your job means deciding which methods, tools, equipment, etc you use. For a dental hygienist who assists the dental operator, this could mean choosing their preferred type of fluoride treatment to protect a patient’s teeth at the end of a cleaning. 

Dane Atkinson, CEO of supports the idea of encouraging employees to determine how they work. His longtime mentor, David McBride, used a theory named “The Gandalf Management Theory” which advocates creating a diverse team.

It’s important for managers and employers to understand that not everyone can be a warrior and help staff figure out what they’re good at then leave them to it. Just as Gandalf disappears several times in Lord of the Rings, managers should, "trust [employees] to take whole legs of the journey on their own.”

2. When to work

Having control over when you do your job means determining which days and hours you’re available to work. So instead of being tied into a regular 9-5 working contract, an alveolar consultant would have the freedom to set their working hours helping in a dental practice so they fit in with their lifestyle. Having the freedom to determine your working hours should also come with the ability to adapt and change them accordingly. 

3. Where to work

Enjoying the freedom to decide where you work means choosing your working environment, whether it’s the same place each work day or it changes on a regular basis. Not so long ago, having the same employer for life was a major goal for many people. But things are changing. Now a dental assistant who lands a job assisting a dental team doesn’t necessarily want to work in the same environment for the rest of their career. 

In the same way that dental practices are embracing social networks instead of traditional advertising, modern platforms like Cloud Dentistry are providing dental professionals with a way to break free from the working mould and discover a career path which works for them and their lifestyle. 

The future is flexible and full of freedom

As modern technology makes it easier than ever for dental practices to hire talent as and when they need it, thousands of dental professionals around the country are benefiting. With extremely accommodating hours combined with the ability to determine their hourly rates, dental professionals are creating fulfilling careers which fit in with their lifestyles — not the other way around.

Flexibility doesn’t just make sense for dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental helpers and general dentists. It’s also incredibly beneficial for dental employers.

Professional flexibility provides dental professionals with enhanced happiness, increased fulfilment and lower stress levels, encouraging them to do their best work. This is great news for workers’ wellbeing, as well as the reputation of the dental practice, since patient experience is sure to be improved when workers feel happy in their workplace.

As dental offices continue to explore flexible working options, freelancing is expected to grow in popularity, improving employer-worker relationships even further for the benefit of both parties.

Freedom is the new wealth

The number of freelancers is growing at a rapid rate. In 2013, just 7% of the US population, from Houston TX all the way to Washington DC, worked as freelancers. But by 2018, this figure had shot up to a staggering 35%. That’s a growth of 28%, in comparison to the number of non-freelance workers which only grew by 2%. These statistics are expected to increase even further, confirming the popularity and growth of this innovative way of working.

Staying far away from the traditional dental temp agency and the myriad of disadvantages that come with it, Cloud Dentistry is a true pioneer of modern freelancing for people in all kinds of dental auxiliary roles. Through the revolutionary platform, dental professionals can take control of their career and experience true professional freedom, while dental practices can hire the specific dental staff they need for the hours and days they require them. 

Here are five ways Cloud Dentistry gives you total freedom over your career:

1. Create your own profile for free

Whether you’re a dental hygienist, dental assistant or dental therapist, all dental professionals have full control over their profiles. You can use your profile to show off your skills and talents, demonstrate your experience, display your qualifications and advertise your reviews — all for free. This ability to showcase your professional side simply isn’t something you get when you look for work with a regular dental assistant temp agency.

Here are some tips on how to make your dental resume stand out that you can transfer to write a stellar Cloud Dentistry profile

2. Determine your work schedule

Instead of being stuck in a typical 9-5 work routine, independent contractors working through Cloud Dentistry get to choose their working hours according to what works best for them. If some weeks you find yourself more or less busy than usual, you can update your availability accordingly. 

3. Choose where you work

Another advantage of working with a modern cloud-based matching platform like Cloud Dentistry instead of a regular dental staffing agency is the ability to choose which dental practices you work for. This means if you want a short commute to work or you want to work in a dental office which specialises in a particular part of dentistry, you absolutely can. 

4. Set your hourly rate

Dental professionals are at total liberty to determine their hourly rate. And unlike typical dental hygiene placement agencies which take a percentage of your income in the form of a fee, Cloud Dentistry doesn’t charge dental freelancers a single penny. Dental practices pay a small monthly fee to use the platform, providing them with real value for money and workers with a full wage.

5. Communicate directly 

A typical dental placement agency doesn’t let independent contractors and dental practice owners chat directly with each other. All messages have to go through the agency, which makes the hiring process unnecessarily slow. To make things quicker and easier for everyone involved, Cloud Dentistry provides direct in-app peer-to-peer messaging so you can hire or get hired in a fraction of the time. 

Get ready for true professional freedom

If you’re ready to move on from the traditional way of working and embrace all the benefits and freedoms that come with modern-day freelancing, create your free profile with Cloud Dentistry today. Being able to determine your hourly rate, set your working schedule and choose the dental practices you work for is guaranteed to increase your professional satisfaction and help you look forward to your next working day.

Equally, if you’re a dental practice owner ready to move onto a better and more rewarding way of hiring staff, start looking for dental professionals in your local area with Cloud Dentistry today. Having the ability to hire the individual who meets your requirements only for the specific times you need them and chat to them before you offer them the job is a much more effective and efficient way of hiring in today’s world.

Written By Nicola Quinn