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Dentistry’s bright future will make you glad you’re a dental professional

Dentistry is one of those in-demand fields that will always be important. People will always need help keeping their mouths healthy. As science tells us more about the importance of oral hygiene and cosmetic dentistry becomes more popular, the need for outstanding dental professionals will keep growing. Add to that an aging population that will need more dental care in the next few years. The outlook for dentistry is extremely bright.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a growth of 19% for dental hygienist jobs between 2014 and 2024 and a growth of 18% for dental assistant jobs in the same period. Dentistry will continue to grow throughout the next decade, and it shows no signs at all of slowing down.

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There’s a reason that dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental nurses are in high demand. Most of them are helpers who went into dentistry to make a difference in people’s lives. Dental professionals affect the public in profound ways. They’re so much more than dentist supporters, and people will continue to need them even as dental technology advances.

Dental hygienists and assistants will continue to be essential

As key producers, dental hygienists are essential to any dental practice. That’s why they’re in such high demand. They spend a great deal of time helping patients and are responsible for everything from routine prophylaxis to X-rays.

A dental assistant assists the dental operator and is extremely important to the practice her or she serves. Working as a dental assistant involves assisting both hygienists and dentists, helping to make sure every appointment goes smoothly. But it’s not just about assisting the dentist; these important staff members can be involved directly in patient care.

Dental assistants and dental hygienists contribute to the health of the practices they work for. More importantly, they boost the health of their patients. No matter what the future holds for dentistry, qualified dental professionals will always be needed.

Full-time dental hygiene and dental assisting jobs

Dental offices are always hiring dental staff to meet demand. Although availability varies from place to place, many dental practices hire full-time hygienists and assistants to handle their daily workload. There’s a lot to be said for permanent, full-time employment. For those who want stability and long-term commitment, a full-time job may fit the bill.

But even with the growth in dentistry, full-time work may not be the answer for everyone. The availability of full-time work depends on the local market. Often, dentists choose to hire for part-time or temp positions to meet their dental staffing needs. In addition, many dental hygienists and dental assistants need more flexibility in their careers.

Alternatives to the nine-to-five for dental hygienists and dental assistants

Today’s fast-paced culture means that both patients and dental workers are looking for flexibility. Dental practices are responding to changes in the economy and the culture by hiring part-time workers on a short-term or long-term basis. This creates an opportunity for dental professionals to work for themselves, putting together schedules that suit their own needs.

In place of permanent, full-time jobs, many dental professionals build their own part-time or full-time schedules. Others take on additional work outside of their normal job hours. The booming dental industry means that those who choose to control their own schedules will have jobs to choose from.

In some places, working for a dentist isn’t the only option. Dental hygienists can work on their own in many states. In Oregon, for example, a dental hygienist can get a permit to practice independently of a dentist. This group of professionals may increase in the future as state laws change to accommodate shortages in the dental profession.

Dental jobs are available online

The projected growth in dental jobs means dental professionals will have choices in how they plan their careers. They’ll also have choices in where they look for work. Making the right decisions can help dental professionals land their ideal jobs and take full advantage of the bullish outlook for dentistry. Everything from part-time dental assistant jobs to full-time hygiene work can be found online.

As demand for dental services increases, there will also be an increase in online job postings. Options for dental professionals include job boards, placement agencies and the cloud-based platform, Cloud Dentistry.

A word of advice as we move into the future

Dental hygiene and dental assistant careers are taking off. Don’t be held back by a job board or a dental temp agency. Those methods are outdated. To take full advantage of the bright future in dentistry, it’s important to use tools that help you find the jobs that are right for you. Cloud Dentistry gives you the opportunity to curate your own professional profile, set your own rates and decide when and where you want to work. It allows you to talk directly with hiring managers, assisting you in finding the perfect job. Cloud-based technology gives your dental assisting or dental hygiene business a huge boost in comparison with other methods.

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Growth in jobs and in technology

Whether you’re looking for a single, permanent job or offering your services through a cloud-based platform, it’s a great time to be in dental hygiene or dental assisting. The job outlook is excellent, and job-matching technology is developing quickly. When dental professionals use high-tech tools to find quality jobs, they can take full advantage of the projected employment growth.