How to ditch your dental temp agency

Ditching your dental temp agency is not an easy thing to do. This is how to do it right. Read more here.
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Ending any relationship is difficult, and that includes business relationships. You were likely very excited about working with a temp agency when you began. This opportunity benefited you in one or more ways. It seemed to be the path to reach your goal of having a rewarding career with a flexible schedule. But then an unforeseen reality came to light over time; as nice as the temp agency owners are, you realized their fees were exorbitant. 

An associated truth accompanies this realization. It is a fact that you need to keep in mind throughout the termination of your relationship with the dental temp agency. The fact is:

Just because they’re nice doesn’t mean you should put up with their enormous fees.

With this in mind, you can still end the relationship nicely with these bulletproof strategies.

Be professional when you ditch your dental staffing agency. 

You are a dental professional and should not sacrifice your professionalism for any reason. Ending relationships is a normal part of conducting business and concluding this relationship is an opportunity for you to grow as a person and as a professional. Here are some do’s and don’ts to remain professional:

  • Do have a conversation. Don’t just disappear. 
  • Do seek to listen to the agency. Don’t aim to get the last word.
  • Do keep feelings out. Don’t get personal.
  • Do stick to the one significant fact (their enormous fees). Don’t get petty.
  • Do commend and affirm them. Don’t try to get in a final word of condemnation.

As a dental professional, you deserve the best that dentistry has to offer. The best for you is not a dental temp agency. The truth is that these agencies don’t work well because they don’t attract and keep consummate professionals for the long term. Be professional as you leave and as you pursue a better option.

Be confident when you ditch your dental staffing agency.

Because you are not making this a personal matter, you have every reason and every right to be confident that you are doing what’s best for you. When the dental temp agency sets their high fees, that’s what they are doing, looking out for their own best interests. Once you begin the conversation, the relationship is destined to end. You want to feel good about yourself when you walk away. This requires that you remain confident throughout the process.

You project confidence when you:

  • Take responsibility. Instead of casting blame, take responsibility for your situation. You made the best decision you could make at the time. Maybe you did not realize there could be such a better way. Your confidence level rises when you take responsibility for yourself.
  • Don’t waver on your position. You reached the decision to move on with your career because you wanted more control of your schedule and the money you make. Let these serve as the solid foundation from which you refuse to move during the termination process.
  • Stand up for yourself. You may find it difficult to assert yourself. Learn steps you can take to be kind and assertive. One very helpful step is to practice the conversation before having it.
  • Remain polite but direct. Being confident is not the same as being rude. You can make your point without being aggressive. You can do this by speaking clearly, making eye contact, standing up straight, and remaining calm.
  • Have no regrets. You worked with a temp agency. It did not work out the way you planned. You learned from it. You grew as a dental professional. Now you choose to move forward in your career with a better option. There is nothing to gain by looking back. You join many more dental professionals in moving forward on a better path.

Be ready when you ditch your dental staffing agency.

You made the decision to stop working for a dental temp agency. You are ready to move forward with your decision professionally and confidently. Now you must be prepared for anything. You have no control of the agency’s reaction, and no matter how well you know them, you could still be in for surprises.

  • Be ready for conflict. The fact that you are terminating the business relationship changes the status quo. Until now, the agency has controlled your schedule, how far you had to travel to work, the environment in which you worked, and how much money you made working in your profession. You now are taking control, and you need to be ready for them to become defensive. You need to hone all your conflict resolution skills before saying goodbye.
  • Be ready for hurt feelings. Just because you decided to keep emotions out of the conversation, the agency may choose to get personal. Being prepared for this can help ease the hurt.
  • Be ready for legal threats. You need to closely examine the contract if you signed one. There might be fees and penalties if you terminate the contract early. Every state’s contract laws differ. It might be necessary to discuss your contract with an attorney before talking with the temp agency.
  • Be graceful when you ditch your dental staffing agency.

Hopefully, ditching your temp agency will be quick, painless, and inexpensive. No matter how it progresses, decide in advance that you will exit gracefully. Here are some tips on how to show grace during this time of transition.

  • Honest feedback. Even if things get tense, personal, and even legal, leaving honest feedback in a kind, professional, and humble manner is appropriate. One day the staffing agency might thank you for helping them see flaws in their business model.
  • Show gratitude. You may feel resentment toward the temp agency for their excessive fees and work policies. But you can express thankfulness for their role in your professional development. 
  • Make friends. When the dust settles, try to part ways with the agency as friends. You never know, your paths may cross again. It’s hardly ever a good idea to burn a bridge when you can salvage it.

It is possible to ditch a dental temp agency nicely. You can do it knowing that you are embarking on the rewarding, fun, and fulfilling career you wanted when you began your career as a dental professional. This is now possible with the tools and technology available through Cloud Dentistry.

Written By Dr. Steven Tuggle