The best online resources to strengthen your dental team

Every dental practice owner wants a great dental team, this is how and where to improve education level of the whole team.
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Dentistry is continuously advancing and the more researchers discover about our oral health and the impact it has on our overall well being, the more important it is that dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants stay up-to-date on the latest findings. Keeping up on major dental developments allows dental professionals to provide their patients with better care, resulting in a better reputation for the practice and higher patient numbers.

If you want your dental practice to be known for being staffed with well-trained experts who impart invaluable advice to patients about their oral care, take advantage of these dental educational and training resources.

COVID-19 Practice Resources

Despite the promising results from the ongoing vaccine trials, COVID-19 is going to be around for months to come. To help dental professionals navigate through the complicated uncertainties brought on by the virus, ADA frequently publishes the latest updates dental practice owners need to be aware of.

Topics covered include patient and employee testing and tracing, how to deal with employee issues surrounding the virus, compassionately communicating with patients, collecting payments during the pandemic and financial assistance practice owners might qualify for.

ADA Center for Professional Success

A one-stop shop for information to help you manage your dental practice, the ADA Center for Professional Success is brimming with articles, podcasts, videos and white papers. The comprehensive resource covers the most common issues dental professionals have about running their practices and their professional career in general.

From how to cultivate loyal dental patients and advice on how to embrace generational diversity, to best practices for terminating an employee, and developing successful advertising campaigns, this educational center will help you manage the behind-the-scenes processes of dentistry.

National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center

With a collection of publications that address the various aspects of oral health care for new and expecting parents, the National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center is an excellent place to find easy-to-follow dental advice for babies, toddlers, children and pregnant women.

It doesn’t matter if your practice doesn’t focus specifically on pediatric dentistry, being able to advise patients on the best ways they can take care of their children’s oral health at home is a fantastic skill.

Dental Online Training

A lot of dental education involves hands-on training. But hands-on doesn’t mean in-person — you can complete hands-on training at home. Led by Dr. Hartlieb, Dental Online Training provides you with all the online tools you need to grow your dental practice and become a better dentist.

There are hands-on courses available on demand which you can do at home in your own time, mentorship opportunities designed to simplify the complexity of being a modern day dentist and a huge video library covering all aspects of dental practice ownership.

If becoming better at managing your dental practice is something you’re particularly interested in, consider one of these courses.

Dental Town

A great resource to acquire continuous education credits, Dental Town provides dental professionals with access to a wide range of free and paid online courses. The training programs cover almost every dental topic there is, from practice management and handling patients to dental procedures and oral surgery.

Whether you want to learn more about personal disability insurance, infection control or treating bruxism, Dental Town has all the resources you need to become a better dental professional. There are hundreds of courses which are free to view and although CE certificates come at an added cost, they’re very affordable.

Dental Learning

Home to some of the most accessible and high quality continuing education resources, Dental Learning allows dental professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs in dental treatment protocols, products and services available to them. 

The majority of the courses focus on treating patients. So if you want to expand your knowledge on restorative dentistry, orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry, Dental Learning’s extensive collection of online courses will help you do just that.

Dental Care

A continuing education library curated by Crest and Oral B, Dental Care provides dentists, hygienists and assistants with access to 150+ free courses, making it one of the few online portals where you can earn CE credits without paying a penny.

Here you’ll find dedicated courses on patient treatment designed for dentists, as well as excellent resources created for RDHs to share with their patients and continuing education opportunities for RDAs, guaranteeing something for every level of dental professional.

My Dental CE

My Dental CE is one of the best sources of up-to-date online education programs dental professionals can complete to earn continuing education credits for license renewals. There’s a huge choice of courses which are valid for earning CE credits in any state, as well as several programs with credits specific to certain states.

The training courses are well organized so you can quickly and easily find the course you’re looking for. There’s a broad selection of OSHA, HIPAA and regulatory compliance training, in addition to courses which cover various other aspects of dentistry and practice management.

Your Patients Deserve It

In the world of dentistry, learning doesn’t end when you graduate. It’s an ongoing process that will continue up until your final day on the job.

Some people who aren’t up for the challenge will view extended learning and improvement as an overwhelming task to be avoided. But as a dental professional, you revel in the excitement of working in a field that is perpetually advancing. Use these online resources to educate yourself to continue providing your patients with the top quality care they deserve.

Written By Sandie