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The sharing economy is the future for dental professionals

Remember rides before Uber and Lyft? Rooms before Vrbo and Airbnb? Food delivery before DoorDash and GrubHub? There’s no denying that these tech-centered platforms have touched many industries, assisting us in several aspects of our lives. Connecting resources with those who need them is an old concept (think job placement agencies and classified ads). But in recent years, cloud-based technology has made it possible to form those connections in real time.

The question on everyone’s mind when the sharing economy first appeared was, “Will it last?” The answer, as we see now, is a resounding “Yes!” Today we’re asking ourselves, “How far will it go?” According to a report by Brookings, “The sharing economy is estimated to grow from $14 billion in 2014 to $335 billion by 2025.” Obviously, there’s an appeal to the sharing economy trend. Various platforms have appeared in response, pairing specialized workers with clients. Now, the sharing economy has come to dentistry, and dental offices are hiring through the premier online job-matching platform, Cloud Dentistry. 

Dental jobs are perfect for the sharing economy.

Hygienists, dental assistants, dental nurses and other professionals who assist dental operators are leaving the nine-to-five and providing their services directly to practices. Even dentists and specialists are choosing temporary jobs. Dental professionals have always worked as temps, but there’s a big difference between the sharing-economy model and dental temp agencies.

In the past, dental professionals who needed jobs would work with placement agencies. The problem with this outdated system is that the worker answered to the agency in every respect. Today’s professionals want flexibility and control over their own careers. The sharing economy can make that happen.

Dental assistant jobs

Working as a dental assistant is a great way to make a difference in oral health. Full-time and part-time dental assistants provide critical services as dentist supporters. They are critical to the oral hygiene team, assisting the hygienist and the dentist. They keep the workflow moving, helping both patients and practice staff.

If you’re looking for dental-assisting jobs, you can send resumes to practices. You can search job boards. You can work with a dental assistant placement agency. But your best bet at finding a job you love may be in the cloud. Joining the sharing economy can put you in control of your own dental-assistant career. It can give you the freedom to choose your own locations, schedule and rates. 

Dental hygienist jobs

Dental hygienists work on the front lines, helping their patients improve both their oral hygiene and their overall health. Their functions vary by state, but these highly trained professionals act as both helpers and practitioners. They perform preventive care and advise patients on nutrition and self care. Many take on expanded functions. 

If you’re a registered dental hygienist, you may have your eye on permanent employment. Or you may be interested only in short-term assignments. Either way, sharing-style platforms can help you reach your career goals. Traveling hygienist work is growing more and more popular; the freedom and control associated with this style of work appeals to many RDHs.

Dentist and dental specialist jobs

Many dentists and dental specialists own independent practices or are franchise owners. Although the pressure to own a practice seems high, a rising number of dentists are choosing to work in short-term jobs.

If you’re a DDS or a specialist, you should only open a practice if the time is right. In the past, you’ve had to choose between running your own business and working for someone else. The sharing economy provides an alternative: the opportunity to work for yourself, offering your services to established practices. 

Hiring in the sharing economy has advantages, too.

Dental practices have always needed temps. When a vacancy arises or there’s a short-term increase in demand, a practice owner needs to act fast. Vacancies in dental assisting and dental hygiene mean lost production. Gaps in staffing at the front desk or in billing mean unhappy patients and lost time. The sharing economy brings several advantages to dental practices. One is that dental practice owners can fill their staffing needs quickly and easily. 

By cutting out the middleman, the sharing economy model saves practice owners large amounts of money. Temp agency fees tend to be high (even higher if you decide to bring a temp on as a permanent employee). And temp agencies charge per placement. With Cloud Dentistry, practices get access to thousands of qualified dental professionals for a single fee. It’s the sharing economy model at its best: pairing those who need something directly with those who have it.

Sharing and dentistry: It’s a natural fit.

Pairing job seekers with dental practices is an important service. The easier it is to make the connection, the better. That’s what the economy of sharing is all about. Today’s technology puts information and communication at our fingertips. The sharing economy puts that to use in many industries. And now, Cloud Dentistry is bringing the sharing economy model to dentistry. That means advantages for both practice owners and dental professionals.

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The sharing economy will continue to expand in the coming years. It’s changed ride hailing, overnight trips, food delivery, and odd jobs. The model is making its way into professional sectors, too. It’s no wonder dentistry is getting in on it. Cloud technology makes sharing-style job matching possible, and Cloud Dentistry is leading the charge.