Top 3 Strategies for Recruiting A-Level Talent to Your Team!

Build your dream team using A-level talent. The 3 key recruitment strategies are sure to help.
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Everybody wants to hire great talent, but what exactly does that elusive star player look like? It can be difficult to draw the outline of an ideal candidate and even if you have a few key characteristics in mind you’re still faced with the oft-confusing task of either seeking out or somehow attracting the dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant your business desires most.

The first step to recruitment success is understanding the rules of the game. Most candidates fall into one of the following three categories:

  • A - Players – These are your Michael Jordan types. They’re natural born leaders with innate talent and unmistakable charisma. They work hard but it’s much more than that. They take ideas and run with them, elevating their coworkers and boosting business exponentially along the way.
  • B - Players -B Players don’t disappoint but they won’t blow you away either. They’re still above average, though, and they’re likely to consistently meet your expectations.
  • C - Players – These players are below average, and having them on your team (especially in key positions) puts you at a competitive disadvantage.

A Players don’t lurk on job boards and they’re not hanging out in the lobby of a temp agency waiting to see what pops up. You might find the occasional B Player testing the waters but, for the most part, job boards are filled with C Players who don’t have a job or any networking connections to rely on so they’re basically frantically casting lines and hoping for a bite.

The takeaway here? You want A Players and you’re not going to simply stumble across a herd of them waiting to be picked up. So, what’s a talent-hungry business owner or recruiter in need of a quality dental staff to do?

Here are a few great strategies:

Pursue People Who Are Already Employed

People who already have jobs feel secure even if they’re not 100% professionally satisfied. Using sites like LinkedIn or Cloud Dentistry to engage candidates who are currently employed gives you a leg up on the competition and offers some interesting opportunities. For instance, many dental hygienists on the Cloud Dentistry platform work 3-4 days a week, leaving a day or two free. Book them for those two days and you have a try-out period in place for a quality candidate that you never would’ve connected with otherwise. Rather than scouring resumes posted by unemployed job seekers, you’re gaining access to A Players who have room in their schedule to bring their talents to your practice. That’s incredibly valuable.

A key point to note here: If you try this technique through a traditional placement agency you’re going to bump into a couple different hurdles. For starters, you’re likely to find candidates looking for full-time work; even if they accept a part-time position, they’re going to have one foot out the door and one eye on the wanted ads. Secondly, a staffing agency is going to charge you thousands of dollars in finder’s fees. With Cloud Dentistry, there are zero placement fees – simply find someone you like and hire them. It’s that easy.

Look for Disruptive Events

When there’s a shake-up in the local economy, especially within the dental industry, you can expect valuable players to become available. Did a dental office nearby recently go out of business? Is there a merger imminent between big corporate practices? These types of events lead to talent shuffles and A Players are abruptly thrust into the marketplace – but they won’t stay there for long. Stay sharp and connect with contenders quickly.

Go for Recent Graduates

Experience is a priceless commodity but there is a lot to be said for hungry new talent as well. Cultivate a relationship with local dental schools – building a rapport with the placement office is especially beneficial – and have them refer their “best graduates.” These fresh faces are trained in the latest techniques and research, eager for a stellar position, and ready to impress.

These relationships can take time to nurture, but partnering with a platform that has an ongoing affiliation with colleges changes all that. There are a number of current students and recent graduates who already have profiles on Cloud Dentistry and you can message them directly to schedule an interview.

To rise above the competition and deliver superior service you have to build a team packed with A Players. It’s not easy sourcing an office full of Michael Jordans, but the efficiency and capacity of excellence that ultimately results are well worth the effort.

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