This is what happened when we started working with temp workers only

The freelance dental sector is booming, try it for yourself and read the results here.
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After we launched in Houston, TX, we shortly discovered that a newly-opened dental practice decided to move away from the traditional dental staffing route and work exclusively with freelancers they found through Cloud Dentistry.

Eager to find out if the tool we developed to match qualified dental professionals with the best dental practices looking for experienced temporary staff was as good as we thought, we got in touch to see how they were doing...and we were shocked by the results!

If you run a dental practice and you’re fed up of hiring staff the usual way (and you’re not sure if finding new staff via social media is quite right for you) consider breaking away from the crowd and trying something a little different.

Here are just a few advantages you can expect when you switch from working with permanent employees to temporary staff in your practice. And to help you out even more, here are some tips on how to hire the best dental staff

Extra free time and a great work-life balance

Burnout is a genuine problem for people who work in dentistry, from dentists who own their practice to dental assistants who work alongside the dentist. As a dental practice owner, you know how many patients you need to have and how many treatments you need to carry out each month to turn a worthwhile profit.

To meet your financial goals, it can be tempting to overexert yourself and your staff, encouraging everyone to work all the days and hours you legally can to keep profits up. But do this over a long period of time and both you and your staff will be exhausted beyond belief.

When you and your staff are totally drained, you start cutting corners and providing a lower quality service. Do this for too long and your once-loyal patients will start looking elsewhere for their dental treatments and your word-of-mouth referrals will plummet. 

You still need to meet your financial goals, so what’s the solution?

This dental practice decided that instead of hiring just a few members of permanent staff and getting them to do long hours, they’d hire greater numbers of temporary staff and employ them to do a limited number of hours each. This method costs the practice owner the same amount as hiring few permanent staff, but provides everyone with a harmonious work-life balance, helping them do a better job in the practice and enjoy their downtime more at home. 

Increased flexibility to see more patients

Working with permanent staff can sometimes be a bit restrictive. Especially if you’re focusing on growing your business. There’s usually a contract in place which states the maximum number of hours an employee can work, the timetable they can work them in and how many vacation days they can take. If you’re trying to extend your dental practice’s hours or fit around finicky clients who can only come in outside their own office hours, this can make life difficult.

Instead of contacting a regular dental placement agency for a dental auxiliary to fill the gap when someone goes on vacation or if you need to increase your practice’s operating hours to treat more patients, the Houston dental practice works with temp staff only. Temp dentists, temp dental hygienists, temp dental therapists and temp dental assistants are much more flexible with their working hours than regular permanent staff.

They’re much happier to work a few hours here and there instead of working according to a fixed schedule. This is much different to the staff you’ll find from a dental assistant temp agency who don’t have much say when it comes to where or when they work

Working this way helped the dental practice stay open longer hours and retain more patients who could only show up after the practice’s usual hours or on weekends. 

More earnings by increasing patients and services

Having more well-rested staff who can provide a more complete portfolio of services, as well as being able to suit their clients better by keeping their practice open longer during the week and even on weekends naturally resulted in more earnings for the dental practice that switched to working exclusively with freelance dental staff. 

In turn, the practice was able to invest more in their business, spending money on updating their equipment and hiring additional dental staff so they could see more patients and provide a more diverse range of services. This allowed the practice to grow and expand even further, a trend which they plan on continuing well into the future. 

Happier workers and a better quality service

Working with staff members who are in control of when they work, where they work, how long they work for and how much they earn results in a very happy workforce for this dental practice. The happiness of their workers spread to the owner and to the patients, creating a fantastic environment for everyone involved.

Start working with freelance dental staff today

If this all sounds like a dream come true, create your free profile with Cloud Dentistry and quickly turn it into a reality. Unlike a traditional dental temp agency which is a waste of money, Cloud Dentistry provides enormous value to you as a practice owner, as well as the staff you work with.

Hiring through a job board or dental staffing agency can literally take days and you often don’t get to chat directly to the person you’re thinking of hiring. Temporarily employing someone with Cloud Dentistry takes just a few minutes and you can chat with people in real-time to find out if they’re a good fit for your practice. 

You get more control over the staff you work with and your staff have more freedom when it comes to where they work, when they work and how much they earn. This results in better working conditions that benefit everyone. 

Written By Sandie