Still working with a dental temp agency? It’s harming your practice

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Dental professionals have been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to filling staff vacancies for decades. As a dental practice owner, there’s sure to be a time when your dental auxiliary will want a couple of weeks off work for a much-deserved vacation or your dental assistant requests a few personal days to deal with an important family matter. 

When a scenario like this inevitably arises, you can’t just close your office doors and wait for your staff to return to resume business. Instead, most people turn to a dental temp agency to help them fill the gap. But did you know that hiring temporary staff this way can be costing your business — in more ways than one? Not only that, but temporary dental staffing agencies can actually be doing your dental practice more harm than good.

If you’re still working with a dental temp agency to staff your practice and the following four points sound familiar, it’s time to move on and look for a better alternative that will help your business prosper. 

You’re wasting time

Working with a traditional dental staffing agency is probably costing you more time than you know. These agencies act as middlemen and all conversations between you and any potential staff members must go through them. You rarely get to speak to the applicants themselves.

This means that instead of ruling someone out in just a few minutes by talking to them directly and finding out they’re not a good match for your practice, you could waste hours or days asking important vetting questions via the agency, only to find out the person in question isn’t right for your business at all. 

Not only are you wasting your own time when you do this. (Or a member of staff’s time, if you choose to delegate this task, who could be doing something much more valuable.) But you also waste the time of the dental assistants you’re looking to hire who are working under the dental temp agency. Having their time unknowingly wasted by dental practices is just one of the many pitfalls of working with a temp agency

You’re losing money

A typical dental placement agency charges you a percentage of the temp’s hourly rate to use their service, as well as large fees if you decide you want to hire someone permanently. Temps can be forced to sacrifice up to 50% of their hourly rate to agencies. This leaves the workers much less motivated to do a good job and the agencies much more prone to pushing you toward hiring additional staff members through their service. 

Working with a digital platform that specializes in connecting dental practices with qualified dental hygienists, nurses, therapists, assistants and helpers can help you save a significant amount of money with no extra effort.

With Cloud Dentistry, dental practices pay a small fee to use the platform (starting from as little as $50 per month) and there are zero additional fees if you decide you want to hire someone permanently. This means your temporary worker will be happy because they’re receiving their full hourly rate and you’re happy because your practice is saving money.

You’re not getting the best

Whether you work with a general dental temp agency or one that concentrates specifically on dental therapists, dental nurses, etc, you’re never going to discover the best of the best when hiring workers this way.

Traditional dental staffing agencies aren’t fussy about the people they work with. They’ll add anyone who meets a handful of minimum requirements onto their list. And since most of these agencies limit professionals looking for work to show off their skills and talents by simply completing a cookie-cutter form, it’s almost impossible for the brightest to truly shine, like they could by filling out a stellar dental resume

While there are sure to be a number of qualified professionals who excel in their role, there’s also guaranteed to be just as many temps who don’t have the right attitude or presentation to thrive in the dental industry. Since you don’t get to chat with the potential workers directly, you’re not going to find out whether or not someone is a right fit for your business until they’ve turned up for work. And by this time, it’s much too late to find someone else to fill the temporary vacancy.

You’re stuck in a loop

It will come as no surprise that the number one priority for dental temp agencies is to grow their business. But by focusing on their side of things so much, they’re consequently doing harm to your dental practice. When you get into the routine of spending too much time searching for temp staff, paying much more than you need to for workers and still not getting the skillful employees your practice needs, there’s no way your business can grow and flourish.

Instead of building up your business and seeing profits increase, you’ll be left working through a continuous loop of searching for staff via a dental temp agency, waiting for them to get back to you, finding they’re not right for your business and repeating the entire process over and over. Working with a modern cloud-based hiring platform like Cloud Dentistry gives you the freedom to find the right dental professionals at the right time for the right price.

Written By Sandie