Smiles for Miles: Cloud Dentistry’s Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

Get ready for your next dental conference or summer road trip with Cloud Dentistry's ultimate playlist. Stay energized and entertained on your journey with a mix of pop, rock, and chill vibes.
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Whether you're gearing up for an exciting dental conference (looking at you, RDH Under One Roof 👀) or planning a fun summer getaway, we’ve got the perfect soundtrack to make your trip even more memorable.

Going to a Dental Conference Soon?

Attending a dental conference is a fantastic way to stay updated with the latest industry trends, network with fellow professionals, and rejuvenate your passion for dentistry. But let's be honest, the travel can be a bit mundane. So, why not spice it up with a playlist that keeps your spirits high and your energy levels up?

Have Fun Summer Trip Plans?

Summer is the ultimate road-tripping season! Whether you’re beach-bound, trekking up to the mountains, or exploring a vibrant city, our playlist is here to keep you jamming all the way.

Here are a few tracks from our “Smiles for Miles” playlist to get you started:

  1. “Sunroof” by Nicky You're 🚗 - Kickstart your trip with this sunny, feel-good banger! 
  2. “Good Luck, Babe” by Chappell Roan 🍀💖 - An absolute bop; will have you singing along and feeling lucky all the way.
  3. “BIRDS OF A FEATHER” by Billie Eilish 🕊️🪶 - For when you just wanna cruise and take in the views.
  4. “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” by ABBA 💃 - An iconic jam that’ll get everyone in the car dancing and singing their hearts out.
  5. “Misses” by Dominic Fike 🔥 - Keep the good times rolling with this one, perfect for any road trip playlist.

Our full playlist includes a mix of pop, rock, and chill vibes to ensure there's something for everyone. 

Check out our “Smiles for Miles Road Trip Playlist” and more on the new Cloud Dentistry Spotify page! 


Happy travels and safe driving!