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I'm a dental hygienist. Can I be an independent contractor?

Let’s get straight to the point. Yes, a dental hygienist can be an independent contractor, but if only he/she appropriately follows the rules.

Most successful dentists face these 5 challenges

The dental business may look straightforward and profitable to patients taking a seat in the reception room. Treatment rates always seem high, no matter how complicated the procedure and patients frequently think dentists are wealthy business owners who can afford luxuries like expensive cars and gigantic homes.

Dental care rebound is slowing down

Almost all dental practices in states across the country can now open for elective treatment. And while the statistics were very promising to begin with, recent reports are suggesting that the initial surge of interest from patients is dwindling and is shortly expected to reach a plateau.

Why charity and volunteering are great team building tools

In an interview with my Social Practice, one dentist by the name Dr Craig Spodak said, “I do believe that the ultimate purpose of a business is to provide compassion, trust, love… We’re not in business just to make money; money is the effect of doing something with love. Everything we do is born from wanting to create a sense of community, whether that community is within our office or the community that we serve.”

This dentist shares how you should hire smart or fire stupid

The most challenging task of the dentist CEO is putting together the best dental team.  Even though each person is hired individually based on their own merits, they must come together as a cohesive and synergistic team.

Bilingual dentistry - Should you hire bilingual staff?

If your practice is based in a state with a high number of Spanish speakers, it’s likely the thought of hiring bilingual staff has crossed your mind at least once. When your dental team can speak two languages, you can significantly increase the number of patients you treat, boosting your practice’s revenue. But finding qualified bilingual staff can be a struggle.

Becoming a restorative dental hygienist

Are you considering becoming a restorative dental hygienist? If yes, you are not alone. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the dental hygienist profession is among the fastest-growing career paths in the U.S.A.

Associate dentist's salary vs a dental practice owner's salary

When you qualify as a dentist, two paths open up in front of you. You can take one path that leads you down the road to opening up your own dental practice and working for yourself. Or you can take the other path and work as a dentist in someone else’s practice. 

RDH? This is why going temp may increase your market value

COVID-19 or not, a career as an RDH (registered dental hygienist) can be extremely rewarding on multiple levels. You get to help patients achieve maintain a beautiful, healthy smile and you work in a hands-on environment in a way that really lets you make a difference. As a dental hygiene professional, your skills, abilities and knowledge are in high demand in dental practices across the country. 

Keeping the cost of COVID-19 safety measures under control

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, dentists and their staff must observe a set of safety measures before they can see patients.

Is it safe to treat patients yet?

As of June 19, every US state has given dental offices permission to reopen following the COVID-19 outbreak for any type of procedure. Dental practices in Texas were able to return to full dental practices much earlier on May 1.

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