Why Cloud Dentistry Outshines Indeed for Hiring Dental Professionals

In light of Indeed's pricing model adjustments, Cloud Dentistry stands out as the smarter, specialized alternative for dental practices.
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The challenge of recruiting qualified talent remains a constant hurdle for dental offices and Dental Service Organizations (DSOs). Finding the right professionals—not just in terms of skills, but also in aligning with the office's culture and values—is crucial for delivering the best patient care and maintaining office productivity. This task has become increasingly complex with the vast pool of candidates and the competitive nature of the job market.

Recently, a significant development has further complicated the recruitment process: Indeed, one of the original job posting platforms—that’s become spread too thin and doesn’t screen job candidates—overhauled its pricing model and introduced new guidelines—before reversing course and abandoning their plans. This sent ripples through various industries, prompting organizations to reassess their recruitment strategies. 

For dental offices and DSO partners, this presents an opportune moment to consider alternative platforms that offer more specialized services and promise a better return on investment.

Indeed’s Pricing Changes

Indeed recently made headlines with significant adjustments to its pricing strategy, specifically the discontinuation of its pay-per-application pricing model. This model, introduced as a replacement for the traditional pay-per-click system, was intended to provide employers with a more value-driven approach to recruitment by charging them only when candidates applied to a job posting. 

However, the implementation of this model faced challenges and elicited mixed reactions, particularly from smaller employers who encountered confusion and higher-than-expected costs.

The Shift Away from Pay-Per-Application

Initially heralded as a groundbreaking shift aimed at enhancing value for employers by reducing unqualified applications, the pay-per-application model ultimately proved problematic. Employers found the system required additional effort to manage and did not adequately support the diverse needs across various industries, including the dental sector. 

As a result, Indeed announced its decision to revert to the foundational pay-per-click pricing model as of January 15 of this year, while continuing to offer pay-per-started-application pricing for larger employers with advanced applicant tracking systems (ATSs).

Implications for Dental Offices and DSO Partners

This rollback to pay-per-click pricing has several implications for dental practices and DSO partners:

  • Increased Clarity but Continued Cost Concerns: The return to pay-per-click may offer more predictable costs compared to the short-lived pay-per-application model. However, dental offices must remain vigilant about managing their recruitment budgets due to the potential for accumulating costs from clicks that do not result in suitable applications.
  • Strategic Recruitment Planning: Dental offices and DSOs may need to reassess their job posting strategies on Indeed to ensure they are getting the most value from their recruitment spending. This includes optimizing job descriptions and leveraging Indeed's targeting features to attract qualified dental professionals.
  • Evaluating Alternative Recruitment Solutions: With the pay-per-application experiment highlighting the challenges of using broad platforms for specialized recruitment, dental practices might find this an opportune time to explore specialized recruitment platforms. 

Cloud Dentistry, with its focus on connecting dental offices directly with qualified dental professionals, emerges as a compelling alternative that could offer more predictable costs and higher quality applicants.

“We believe that the heart of any dental practice is its people. And in response to the shifting processes of recruitment platforms like Indeed and their pricing models, we've honed our focus on delivering real value to dental offices and DSO partners,” said Brittany White, Head of Marketing for Cloud Dentistry. “Our platform is designed to serve the unique needs of the dental industry, offering a direct link to a pre-vetted pool of dental professionals. This ensures not just a match in terms of skills, but a deeper alignment with your office's culture and values. Unlike Indeed, our specialized approach is finely tuned to surpass the expectations of dental practices, providing an unmatched level of service and connection.”

Cloud Dentistry as a Solution to the Indeed Problem

Cloud Dentistry provides a compelling alternative to Indeed for several key reasons, particularly for dental offices and DSO partners looking to hire qualified dental professionals. These distinctions are rooted in the platform’s specialized focus, cost structure, and commitment to quality, all of which are tailored to meet the specific needs of the dental industry.

  • Direct Industry Focus: Cloud Dentistry is exclusively dedicated to the dental sector, ensuring that all resources and features are specifically aligned with the needs of dental professionals and practices, unlike Indeed's broad industry approach.
  • Enhanced Connection Process: The platform facilitates a direct connection between dental offices and dental professionals, streamlining the hiring process and enhancing match accuracy without the intermediary steps found on broader platforms.
  • Verified Quality of Candidates: Cloud Dentistry verifies the qualifications and credentials of dental professionals, reducing the risk and time involved in hiring, a level of vetting generalist job sites like Indeed cannot easily replicate.
  • Cost-Efficiency and Predictable Spending: Offering straightforward pricing, Cloud Dentistry enables dental practices to budget effectively for their recruitment efforts, avoiding the unpredictability of costs associated with Indeed's pay-per-click or pay-per-application models.
  • High Engagement with Targeted Audience: The platform boasts a highly engaged audience of dental professionals, ensuring job listings are seen and acted upon by the right candidates, unlike the diluted applicant pool on Indeed.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Designed intuitively for the dental community, Cloud Dentistry offers a user-friendly platform optimized for efficiency and effectiveness in every step of the recruitment process.

Cloud Dentistry offers a targeted, efficient, and quality-driven recruitment solution for the dental industry, presenting a better alternative to Indeed for dental offices and DSO partners. Its specialized focus, combined with a commitment to quality and cost-efficiency, makes it an attractive option for practices looking to streamline their hiring process and connect with qualified dental professionals.

With Cloud Dentistry, you can enjoy:

  • Zero Extra Fees: Say goodbye to placement, agency, or buyout fees. 
  • Direct Communication: No more middlemen. Message dental professionals directly through our platform.
  • Unlimited Access: Post as many temporary or permanent job opportunities as you want.
  • Trusted Reviews: Make informed decisions with reviews from other dental offices.

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