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Author: Sandie

I'm a dental hygienist. Can I be an independent contractor?

Let’s get straight to the point. Yes, a dental hygienist can be an independent contractor, but if only he/she appropriately follows the rules.

5 Things RDH's are worried about when their office is opening again

If you were to think of a highly risky profession during COVID-19, it would probably be that of the dental hygienist.

Health risks of postponing elective dental treatments

In March 2020, ADA recommended that dentists postpone all elective procedures to stop the spread of COVID-19. As the pandemic gets more under control, dental surgeries throughout the US are reopening their practices for routine care. Texas, Colorado, Illinois and Georgia are just some of the current 42 states where dental offices are open for elective procedures.

Safety first: Download this COVID-19 employee handout for free

Dentistry is categorized as being a high risk for COVID-19 transmission. Reason being, the main channels of infection are relevant to most procedures performed daily in dental offices, with aerosols being the ardently debated topic.

What PPE is recommended for dental practices and where to buy it?

As the number of COVID-19 cases rises, dentists and healthcare care providers should remain informed about the best clinical practices to counter this pandemic.

List of COVID-19 Relief Programs for dental practices

Almost every business has felt the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, but perhaps none more than dental practices. In fact, a few days ago, the American Dental Association (ADA) initiated a campaign to urge Congress to address dentistry, in the coming round of COVID-19 relief legislation. 

Twelve best cities to work as a RDH / RDA post COVID-19

Whether you are a suburbanite or a big city person, we all have our personal preferences in terms of where we prefer to work.

Pros and cons of opening your dental practice during COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 is having an earth-shattering impact on most businesses, and dental practices have not been lucky either. Many are restricting their practice to emergency and urgent cases only, while others are opting to remain closed for several weeks until normalcy returns. Some states have closed dental practices entirely. According to California’s Dental Association president, Dr. Richard Nagy, such regulations and decisions are meant to ensure that dentists and their staff, as well as their patients, are safe from Coronavirus disease. 

Remote job ideas for dental staff

If you’ve recently been dismissed from your job as a dental hygienist, see this time in your life as an opportunity to try something new. If you were getting bored of your old way of working, now’s the time to look into alternative career options in dentistry. Whether you’re temporarily out of work due to the coronavirus or you’re permanently out of work because your old office has closed down, there are always other options out there.

2020 update - In which states can dental therapists (RDH, RDA) practice?

Millions of people in the U.S.A face considerable barriers to obtaining the critical dental care they need to attain good oral health. The reason being, there is a scarcity of dental providers in some parts of the country.

How will COVID-19 affect dental hygienists’ salaries?

When the outbreak first began, COVID-19 was known as the “novel” coronavirus, because everything about it was entirely new. Despite there being six other known coronaviruses, none were similar enough to help experts understand how the virus behaved or responded. This is still true today. It will take years of study and research to fully understand the impact of the devastating pandemic. 

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