Cloud Dentistry or LinkedIn? What’s a Dental Office To Do?

LinkedIn offers many recruitment tools, but the high price of services and restrictive contracts may limit flexibility and accessibility for the dental industry.
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Finding the right-fit staff members for your dental practice requires a touch of luck—but even more accurately, it requires an expert eye for talent and the right recruitment tools to sift through piles of digital resumes.

In the realm of recruitment tools, there are numerous options available. However, achieving staffing success hinges on selecting the right tool, which can vary significantly between industries. What works for one may not be suitable for dental practices. 

LinkedIn’s Recruiter tool is renowned for its broad reach and advanced features, designed to streamline the hiring process across various industries. However, its one-size-fits-all approach, coupled with high costs and long-term contracts, may not align with the specific needs and budget constraints of niche sectors like the dental industry. 

Well, what if you could access LinkedIn’s hiring tools but with the added benefits of partnering with Cloud Dentistry? More on that later in the blog. For now, let's examine why going with LinkedIn Recruiter on your own might not be the best option for dental practices.

LinkedIn Recruiter Shortfalls

Selecting the right recruitment tools can have a significant impact on a dental practice's budget and operational flexibility. LinkedIn’s Recruiter tool is known for its extensive reach, but it comes at a cost that might be prohibitive for many dental practices. 

The pricing for LinkedIn Recruiter, as of February 2024, breaks down as follows:

  • Lite: $170 per month for a single license, or $1,680 if billed annually. Additional licenses cost $270 per month each for up to five licenses, or $2,670 per year each.
  • Professional: $800 per month, which amounts to $9,600 annually.
  • Corporate: $1,080 per month, totaling $12,960 per year.

These prices reflect a considerable financial commitment, particularly for smaller practices or those with variable hiring needs. Moreover, LinkedIn typically requires long-term contracts, locking practices into year-long commitments.

Aside from these basic costs, there are additional expenses to consider:

  • InMails: Once the monthly limit of InMail credits is reached, additional credits cost $10 each, which can add up quickly if extensive direct contact with potential candidates is necessary. What’s more, if an office's InMail response rate falls below a certain threshold, they risk being blocked from sending any more messages, despite being locked into a contract.
  • Job Posting: While basic job postings on LinkedIn are free, these posts have limited visibility. To enhance a job post’s reach, practices must purchase promoted posts, with costs varying based on the desired visibility and ranking.

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A Closer Look at Cloud Dentistry

While LinkedIn Recruiter presents a robust set of features, its pricing structure and contractual obligations often pose a challenge, especially for smaller dental practices with dynamic staffing needs. In contrast, Cloud Dentistry offers a refreshingly flexible and economically advantageous approach specifically tailored to the demands of the dental industry:

  • No Cost to Join: Cloud Dentistry breaks down barriers to entry by allowing dental practices to join its expansive marketplace at no cost. This approach eliminates any initial financial barrier, making it accessible for practices of all sizes and enabling them to start recruiting immediately without any upfront investment.
  • Large Talent Pool: Practices have access to a substantial and diverse talent pool of over 42,000 vetted dental professionals. This includes hygienists, dental assistants, front office staff, and dentists, all of whom are looking for various types of employment—whether temporary, part-time, or permanent. This extensive network not only broadens the choices available, but also increases the likelihood of finding the perfect match for any specific requirement.
  • Efficiency and Speed: One of the standout features of Cloud Dentistry is its ability to facilitate rapid bookings, often within a median time of just 10 minutes. This level of efficiency is crucial for dental practices where staffing needs can be immediate due to sudden absences or unexpected demand. Fast and effective booking helps maintain operational continuity without the usual delays associated with traditional recruitment processes.
  • Transparency and Reliability: Cloud Dentistry prides itself on a transparent platform where 95 percent of professionals hold at least a 4-star rating. What’s more, the platform boasts a remarkably low no-show rate of less than 1 percent for registered dental hygienists (RDH), underscoring its reliability and the professionalism of its community. This transparency enables practices to make informed decisions with confidence, relying on consistent and dependable staffing.
  • No Hidden Fees: Unlike many traditional recruitment services, Cloud Dentistry boasts no hidden costs such as agency fees, buyout fees, or placement fees. This policy of transparency in pricing affords greater control over recruitment budgets, so practices only for the services they need without unexpected expenses.

But that’s not all. A private office opting for LinkedIn Recruiter could expect to spend approximately $2,000 per month tied to a 12-month minimum contract. This significant investment highlights the cost-effectiveness of partnering with Cloud Dentistry, where practices benefit from comprehensive resources and freed-up time as we handle the sourcing on their behalf 

These distinctive features demonstrate how Cloud Dentistry offers a solution that is both cost effective and highly responsive to the fluctuating demands of the dental industry.

Now onto this exciting feature from Cloud Dentistry's Talent Partnership department!

Innovative Talent Partnership Program

The Cloud Dentistry Talent Partnership department has introduced a groundbreaking service that utilizes LinkedIn Recruiter and Talent Insights on behalf of dental offices. This means practices can bypass the costly contracts typically required to access these powerful tools. 

For example, a dental office in California struggling to find suitable candidates on conventional job boards was provided with a Talent Report by the Cloud Dentistry team. This report showed all potential candidates within the vicinity who were “Open to work.” Leveraging this information, Cloud Dentistry reached out to more than 300 prospective candidates in just one day—managing the entire process from marketing and outreach to screening and interviewing, thereby drastically reducing the time and financial burden on the practice. 

This approach extends Cloud Dentistry's reach, while enhancing the effectiveness of recruitment efforts, making it a unique offer in the marketplace.

“We’ve seen how tough it can be for dental practices to find the right talent without breaking the bank. That’s why we started using LinkedIn Recruiter tools for our clients—think of it as having a premium recruitment team without the premium price tag,” said Leslie D’Agostino, Head of Talent Partnerships with Cloud Dentistry. “We handle everything: finding candidates, reaching out, interviewing, you name it. It’s all about making things easier and more affordable for our practices, so they can focus on their patients instead of worrying about hiring.” 

The Clear Choice For Dental Practices

LinkedIn Recruiter offers a wide array of features, but when you go it alone, your practice is left vulnerable to high costs and rigid contract terms do not cater effectively to the specialized needs of the dental industry. Cloud Dentistry, on the other hand, provides a solution that minimizes costs and maximizes efficiency and flexibility. With its commitment to transparency, a vast network of dental professionals, and no hidden fees, Cloud Dentistry stands out as the definitive choice for dental practices looking to streamline their recruitment process efficiently and affordably.

Are you a dental practice looking for talent? Check out Cloud Dentistry today!

Written By Cloud Dentistry