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I'm a dental hygienist. Can I be an independent contractor?

Let’s get straight to the point. Yes, a dental hygienist can be an independent contractor, but if only he/she appropriately follows the rules.

Searching for dental hygiene job? 6 Things you need to know

A career in dental hygiene puts you in a position to help others while working in a growing, lucrative field. Working as an oral healthcare professional is a great choice for many reasons, but it’s not for everyone. If you are struggling to decide and before spending the money, time and effort to become a registered dental hygienist (RDH), it’s important to know as much as possible about the job, including all the advantages and disadvantages of a career in dental hygiene

9 Essential courses for dental office managers

The number of people visiting dental clinics is rising as more and more families begin to understand the importance of proper dental hygiene. According to ADA, 58% of people surveyed in 2017 visit the dentist at least once every year. This is a sizable increase compared to the 33% of adults who visited the dentist annually in the mid-1950s. 

How you can save $100,210 every year by switching to Cloud Dentistry

There’s no doubt that working with temporary dental staff can save you a lot of money. Only paying for dental professionals when you need their services frees up a lot of budget you can spend more wisely on other parts of your business. But did you know you could save even more money by ditching the dental assistant temp agency and switching to Cloud Dentistry?

Difference between RDH vs dentist

If the recent worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has got you considering a career change, dentistry is a fantastic choice. With a greater-than-average anticipated growth in demand for a line of work that’s always going to be needed by the general public, anyone studying to become a dental professional today is unlikely to struggle for work after they graduate.

10 Tips to turn a good resume into an excellent resume

Due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, many people across all industries are finding themselves without a job. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself or waiting for everything to blow over, now is a great time to get ahead of the competition and build an amazing resume that will help you land your dream job.

Still hiring dental professionals through Craigslist? Stop!

...and give Cloud Dentistry a shot instead.

Dentistry’s bright future will make you glad you’re a dental professional

Dentistry’s bright future will make you glad you’re a dental professional

How to become a dental hygienist and be agile-employment ready

A lot has changed in dentistry since the coronavirus pandemic spread across the world. But one thing that hasn’t been affected is the value dental professionals bring to the table. 

This is how creative practices get when opening amidst COVID-19

We are at the midst of a crisis. Positive cases of COVID-19 seem to be rising each new day, and everybody is greatly affected by this pandemic. For nearly two months, businesses, including dental practices, were in lockdown to prevent the disease from spreading.

Why dental hygiene is hugely important in the fight against COVID-19

Not taking care of your oral health can leave you with something a lot worse than bad teeth. From diabetes to cardiovascular disease, neglecting dental hygiene can result in all kinds of dangerous health conditions, including COVID-19.

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