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I'm a dental hygienist. Can I be an independent contractor?

Let’s get straight to the point. Yes, a dental hygienist can be an independent contractor, but if only he/she appropriately follows the rules.

This is why freedom is the new wealth (and how you can be free too)

It’s no secret that people are much happier and more comfortable at work when they have a sense of professional freedom. And an employee who is happy about coming into the workplace will be more motivated to work hard and do a good job.

How to hire a dentist

As the United States’ population continues to age, and the demand for dental services continues to rise, dentists are falling into short supply. Dental offices and dental practices of all kinds are competing for the available dentists, leaving them (dentists) in a favorable position to negotiate terms of employment and choose the type of job schedules they want.

This is how to manage a dental practice effortlessly

Running a dental practice is different from managing any other type of business. While you might know all about providing your patients with the best possible oral care, it’s so easy to get caught up dealing with day-to-day business tasks that you forget about the most important part of the job — providing every patient who walks into your practice with an excellent experience.

Is dental hygiene a good career

We all have, at one time or another reached the crossroads of being indecisive on what career path to follow. If you are thinking of becoming a dental hygienist, you have come to the right place. Yes, dental hygiene is a good career, and this article focuses on what makes it tick. 

How to future-proof your dental career in 2020 and beyond

With ever-advancing technology and new medical discoveries, dentistry is an industry which is constantly developing. Whether you’re a dental assistant, dental hygienist or dentist, if you want to maintain your role in the fast-faced field, it’s important you evolve alongside it. 

This is how to make your dental practice 2020 proof

Times are a bit tough for dental practices and dentists. We are in an economy that still, in some way, feels and looks as if it’s suffering a recession. People are holding on to their money or savings and only spending it on key necessities. Notably for some, spending their hard-earned money on dental health has ceased to be a priority.  

A stress-free holiday season without dental staffing issues?

The holiday season can be a tricky time for business owners. All your staff are likely to feel the pressure of extra professional and personal obligations throughout December, with the treat of mass burnout never seeming far away. To help keep your staff happy and continue providing your patients with the top-notch service they expect, here’s some advice on how to deal with the most common dental staff issues you can anticipate during December. 

These dental practice holiday ideas will make your staff happy

The holidays can be an unpredictable time for many dental practices. Sometimes, your patients are so overwhelmed with their never-ending holiday to-do lists that they haven’t got time to attend their appointments, leaving your staff twiddling their thumbs. Other times, patients are begging for last-minute teeth whitening appointments and your staff are requesting time off for the holidays, leaving you with much more on you plate than you ever bargained for.

This is how to build an excellent dental team

Has the smile gone out of your dental practice? Does dealing with your dental staff feel more like an impossible challenge than working together as a strong team? If so, there’s something wrong with your dental office. But you don’t have to throw in the towel and close your doors. You can fix it and regain the happy atmosphere and upbeat teamwork that seem like a long-lost dream. 

This is why your dental marketing strategy does not work

Whether you’re getting ready to open your dental practice for the very first time or you’ve been in business for years but you know your office could be doing better, having a solid dental marketing strategy is key to growing your business. It’s all well and good knowing you should market your dental office, but knowing how to market it is a totally different story.

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