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Most hiring platforms and temp agencies saddle you with unexpected fees that complicate dental office staffing.
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Finding the perfect fit for your dental practice can be a real headache, especially with all the hidden costs that come with most staffing platforms. Many of these services charge hefty fees for job placements, buyouts, and for hiring temp workers full-time, along with high booking charges that strain your budget and complicate the hiring process.

Cloud Dentistry drills down to the root of the problem by offering a simple and affordable solution, with no job placement, agency, or buyout fees to worry about. In this blog, we'll take a look at the pricing practices of other platforms to demonstrate the true value of a Cloud Dentistry subscription.

The Costly Reality of Competitor Platforms

Imagine finally finding the perfect temp worker for your dental practice, only to realize the platform you used is riddled with unexpected fees and restrictions. This scenario is all too common for many dental practices. Here are some of the hurdles you might face:

High Costs Per Applicant

Some staffing services charge steep fees per applicant. These platforms often don't specialize in dental positions, meaning you could end up paying a lot more for candidates who might not be the right fit for your practice.

Complex Employment Structures

Then there are platforms that require dental professionals to be employed by the staffing service itself. This arrangement can come with a host of restrictions, like a mandatory waiting period before a temp can work at the same office again, even if it's through a different agency. Such policies can disrupt the continuity of your team.

Hidden Booking and Buyout Fees

Hidden fees are another common pitfall. Some services might lure you in with no subscription fees, but then hit you with hefty booking costs on top of the professional’s pay. This raises your costs, while also reducing what the professional takes home. And if you decide you want to hire a temp worker full-time, you're slapped with a buyout fee.

High Resume Search Fees

Need to search for multiple positions? Get ready to shell out more money. Some services charge per resume search, segmented by area code and professional type. These costs can quickly add up, especially if you're casting a wide net or managing staffing in multiple locations.

Restrictive Administrative Controls

Certain services handle all administrative tasks, which can seem appealing—but this can also be quite restrictive. If you prefer more control over your hiring process, this could be a major drawback.

Unpredictable Monthly Pricing

With some platforms, what you pay each month can change, requiring you to pay invoices for all professionals hired within that period. This unpredictability makes budgeting a nightmare.

Cumbersome Sign-Up Processes

Ever tried to navigate a website that feels like a maze? Some services have convoluted sign-up processes. Without an efficient online system, hiring becomes slow and frustrating.

Significant Fees for Permanent Hires

Meanwhile, sometimes you find the perfect job candidate to hire permanently, only to be slammed with significant fees. This is a major strain on any practice’s budget, particularly when you’re trying to fill roles like dental assistants and hygienists.

Limited Locations and Specializations

Some services are only available in certain locations or focus on specific roles like hygienists and assistants, which limits their usefulness for a full dental practice.

Expensive Monthly Plans

High monthly fees are another issue, especially when the service isn’t tailored specifically to dental professionals. You might end up with candidates who don’t meet your needs.

Non-Specialized Applicant Pools

Platforms that cater to a broad range of positions can dilute the quality of applicants. While they might charge for various features, they often don't specialize in dental staffing, which can result in less suitable candidates.

Limited Candidate Viewing Options

Some services charge per job post or monthly fees, but restrict your ability to view full profiles or resumes unless candidates apply to your job. This limits your proactive hiring efforts.

Numerous Fees for Various Scenarios

Finally, there are platforms that pile on fees for all sorts of scenarios. Whether it’s a permanent hiring fee or a breach of contract fee for hiring professionals outside their system, these costs can complicate and inflate your hiring process.

Why Cloud Dentistry Shines

When it comes to staffing your dental practice, you deserve a partner that understands your needs and delivers real value. Here’s why Cloud Dentistry is the best choice for dental staffing:

No Job Placement Fees

Think of us as your hassle-free staffing solution. At Cloud Dentistry, we don't believe in charging you extra just to bring the right person on board. By eliminating job placement fees, we make the hiring process simple and budget-friendly.

No Buyout Fees

Found a temp worker you love? Great news! Unlike many other platforms, we don’t hit you with buyout fees when you decide to bring them on full-time. This means you can make the best staffing decisions without any financial strings attached.

Nationwide Reach

Whether you're in a bustling city or a quiet town, Cloud Dentistry has you covered. Our platform is accessible nationwide, so you can connect with qualified dental professionals no matter where your practice is located.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees here! With Cloud Dentistry, what you see is what you get. Our transparent pricing model ensures you can manage your budget without any surprises.

"At Cloud Dentistry, we know that managing a practice is challenging enough without worrying about hidden fees,” said Elizabeth Kohn, Head of Sales and Onboarding. “We're here to make staffing straightforward and affordable, so you can focus on what truly matters—caring for your patients."

Giving Power Back To Dental Practices

Cloud Dentistry is committed to transforming the way dental staffing is done. By removing job placement and buyout fees, we provide a more economical and efficient solution for your staffing needs. Forget about hidden costs and buyout fees. We offer a simplified, cost-effective solution that fills your staffing needs—whether that’s for one day or the foreseeable future.

Join Cloud Dentistry today for free and see the difference for yourself.

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